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Let us consider such a double penetrated scene. It is true that if there were only angels, there would be no physical laws — or at any rate there would be nothing for the laws to apply to, so we might as well say there would be none. But if we assume the angels make choices, we have to assume that time (somehow) exists in this non-physical Carmella Bing world, and that the agents are in different "states" at different times. And what is responsible for the way an angel changes its states with the passage of time?

One possibility is that it is something structurally analogous to the laws of physics — something that stands to angels as our laws of physics stand to electrons and quarks. (I'm assuming, by the way, that these angels are metaphysical simples, that they are not composed of smaller immaterial things. If they were, we could conduct the argument in terms of the smallest immaterial things, the "elementary particles" of this imaginary immaterial world.) This "something" takes the properties of the angels at any time (and the relations they bear to one another at that time: the analogue, whatever it may be, of spatial relations in a material world) as "input", and delivers as output a sheaf of possible futures and histories of the world. In other words, given the "state of the world" at any time, it tells you what temporal sequences of states could have preceded the world's be­ing in that state at that time, and it tells you what temporal sequences of states could follow the world's being in that state at that time. Maybe it couldn't be written as a set of differential equations (since nothing I have said implies that the properties of and relations among angels are quantifiable) as the laws of our physical hardcore movies world presumably can, but I don't think that affects the point. And the point is: either "the sheaf of possible futures" relative to each moment has only one member or it has more than one. If it has only one, the world of angels is deterministic.

And then where is their free will? (Their freedom is the freedom to add to the actual past. And they can only add to the actual past in accordance with the laws that govern the way angels change their properties and their relations to one another with time.) If it has more than one, then the fact that onepossible future rather than another, equally possible, future becomes actual seems to be simply 3 matter of chance.

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